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I am...


... a powerful, smart, successful goofball.

First of all I’m amazed anyone is reading this. Wow. You must be really bored or trying to fall asleep. You deserve a reward, email me for a free high five.

I’ve always been a woman of power. During college I was in a military program of extreme sexism, which garnered my commitment to staying true to my femininity. I bring natural life experiences to women empowered by pain.

I also have a degree in genetics. "Genetics?!" The response I hear. "Yup, I didn't st-st-stutter." I confirm. I enjoy bringing an intelligence to the women I play.

You might be thinking, “Whoop-dee-doo, you’re an actor. There’s like 3.2B of you.” Well I do other things, you know. Currently I run a sales business bringing in over $2M a year.  I also write and produce original content, so Bam! In your face!

Ok you’re still reading... You might also be thinking... "yay! enough of this whack job’s bio" or "wow she’s refreshing and I want to be friends with this amazing human being." Either way... enjoy life and love you lots.



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“…in the might of truth, the mystery of emotions, the redemption of all things by imagination everlasting, and the message of Art that should make the untiring work and striving, the inspiration and creation of all actors blessed. Amen. Amen.”
— Uta Hagen