I act.  I live.


USA’s The Sinner

Total badass.

NBC’s The Blacklist

Professional virus stopper.

ABC’s Quantico

That time I got scared of terrorists.  

Reporter Reel

I break it down. #RealFakeNews

Wife Reel

I'm a good little house wife, but only for the camera.

Psychiatrist Reel

I only diagnose crazy.

Doctor Reel

Paging Dr. Strang?  Paging Dr. Strang.

Business Professional Reel

I mean business. #CEOinPastLife

Comedic Wife Reel

I rock paint suits. #HillaryWhenPainting

Law Enforcement Reel

Guilty as charged.

Commercial wife reel

Take notes from a professional wife.

Commercial Reel

I'm, like, really good at selling stuff.

Voiceover Demo

A voice of an angle... uh angel. Yeah definitely angel.

Teleprompter Reel

Strong ability for reading words. #talent


Party Girl Reel

One slutty afternoon. #BlameItOnTheAlcohol

TV Promo VO Demo

Listen well!  I'm there, via voice.

Nurse Industrial Reel

I help people. #iamagoodperson

Straight Wo"man" Reel

I break glass ceilings.


Photographers like me. #Face4RadioinReverse

My Face

I'm like a fine wine, I get better with age. #JustSayNoToBotox


Are you craving more Nastasha?

More Nastasha, the straight wo"man".

I do it myself.  Along with my husband.

Don't Blink.  I'm this cute kid's teacher!

Surprise!  It's Nastasha in another commercial.

A little gift for you.

Let me help you sp-sp-speak in p-p-public.

Epic public speaker in the works.

Gracie Allen would be proud.

“…in the might of truth, the mystery of emotions, the redemption of all things by imagination everlasting, and the message of Art that should make the untiring work and striving, the inspiration and creation of all actors blessed. Amen. Amen.”
— Uta Hagen